Some progress at last

I've been working on modeling the data during the last few days. It took me longer than I thought it would because 10C has a completely other way of handling data than ADN had. I must admit I was pretty confused when I started tinkering around with the API. But today I managed to make some progress.
At the moment Ristretto is able to download the home stream for the authenticated user and display it with avatar images and all.
The next thing I want to work on is refining the authentication flow, so that the table reloads automatically when authentication is successful. Next up I need to refine some code, as I already found a little bug which I don't want to ship. ?

Up and running

I added this site for two purposes. First of all I want you to know about the state of my little project, Ristretto. And then I want to use this site to keep something like a diary for myself so I can review the different states of the app. I will try my best to keep this site updated as I make progress on Ristretto.
So stay tuned. ?